Electrical Emergency


Is your home having issues with its electricity? It could be an issue meant for an electrician or it could be a hydro issue. If your neighborhood is having an issue with the power, than its an issue with hydro for your city. Sometimes it is good to call your local hydro company to check if the issue is on their end of your personal home. Some things to do first off are to check there is no burning smell. If there is, a circuit needs to be turned off at your panel. You always want to cut off the power to the issue to stop it from escalating. From there, call your electrician to come out ASAP to diagnose the issue.

Electrical emergencies can happen in a blink of an eye. It is key to have an electrician on call to get to your home as soon as they can. From too many things being plugged into an extension cord to a smoke detector beeping constantly. Yes, we would say that having a smoke detector beeping or giving you trouble can be an emergency as that makes the risk of a fire going undetected. An electrical emergency can be in the form of half your home being out of power. The emergency can also be in the form on an outlet going out of power for your fridge and you can’t move it out of its place to plug it in somewhere else.  All these emergencies and many others, are what we can provide service for at Residential homes.

We recently had a client call in to our company to have his meter base serviced as the snow plow had ripped it right off and damaged the wiring. The home lost power and was running out of warm water as well. Thankfully we were able to get to them as soon as we could and spend the rest of the day fixing the issue. We were able to coordinate with the Electrical Safety Authority to set up a same day permit as well as reach out to Kitchener hydro to make them aware where we were ready for power to be connected.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment to assess your situation and to have our Master Electrician visit your home.

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