Hot Tub Installations


Do you need a hot tub to be hooked up or have questions about what requirements you need for a hot tub? Well we can certainly help you with your questions. We specialize in Residential electrical, servicing clients in the KW area and surrounding. Give us a call today to find out more!

There are many different types of hot tubs that exist in todays market. You can get ones that are called “Plug and Play” which do not require a lot of work to install, and there are ones that require their own outlet with a certain amount of amperage provided for the outlet. We have had clients call and say that the electrical is all done and that it just needs to be hooked up to the panel and be completed. We have had clients call with questions and from there we set up an appointment to provide information in person once our Master Electrician sees what needs to be done in person.

When you call the office, you will speak to our Customer Care Representative. From there, they will gather your information, share some valuable points about the company, and then set you up with an appointment to have the electrician visit your home. We want to give you an accurate pricing and we can only do that once we arrive on site and see the layout of your home, panel and the area where the hot tub needs to be installed.

Contact our office to speak directly to the company and coordinate an appointment to have our electrician visit your home.

Our office number is 888-958-5978.