Kitchener Aluminum Wiring and Fixture Install – Client Stories

Do you know if your home has aluminum wiring? Do you want to remove the aluminum wiring or have options on what to do with a home that has this wiring? We can help as we can send our electrician to your home to do an inspection. This inspection is called a 60 Point Inspection and it is very thorough. It takes approximately one and a half hours to complete.

A client from Kitchener called into the office to book an appointment for an inspection for insurance purposes. They had recently purchased the home and wanted to verify it was fully up to code. He knew the home had aluminum wiring and wanted to confirm what needed to be updated as well as add some new fixtures around the home as well. The panel was a fuse panel, the type of panels where you need to change the glass pieces instead of a breaker. The client also wanted a quote on the panel to be upgraded as well as he understood the possible dangers of having a fuse panel.

When our electrician came on site to do the inspection, the home was empty. This gave the electrician the upper hand to be able to inspect all outlets and switches without hassle. He found that there was copper as well as aluminum wiring. Our electrician completed the inspection and sent the document to the client for him to look over. The client went ahead with the Rejuvenation of the outlets and switches. When one of our electricians started to work on Rejuvenation, they found that the previous owners had done some work that made things a little more complicated. They also found that most outlets were not grounded, or grounds were not carried through. We are glad this was fixed for the client as it could create a serious fire risk. The client was made aware of the condition of the previous upgrades and was very satisfied to have them brought up to code.

If you need your home to be inspected if you have recently bought it without an inspection, please reach out to us to set up an appointment to make sure your newly bought home is up to code.

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