Repair on Damaged Circuit during Kitchen renos

Have you recently had a technician come to your home who has installed some appliances but may have damaged some of your electrical? If you have some issues that are happening after their visit, we can help! We specialize in residential homes and have excellent reviews for you to read before you give us a call. You can also visit our website to see all that we can assist you with.

A client called us in the Kitchener area who had an issue with their electrical after some plumbers came and did some kitchen renos. When a plumber was installing some new water lines, they accidentally nicked one of the electrical wires for the kitchen outlet with their tools. The client did not know what outlet it was for so they had to call a professional electrician to his home to fix the situation.

Our electrician arrived in our Warehouse on Wheels, which is a fully stocked truck ready to do many jobs the same day as the appointment, depending on material of course. He had a look into the situation and determined it was for the kitchen receptacle. He told the client that he had to install two junction boxes to fix the wiring and the client decided to go ahead with the work. While our electrician was looking at the issue, he noticed there were some things around the home that needed to be quoted on as well. The smoke detectors had been disconnected by the tenants and needed to be replaced. The stove outlet also needed to be safely secured to the wall and have proper connections installed. The client did not go ahead with the additional issues found and only had the junction boxes installed as well as the receptacle replaced with a 15AMP GFCI receptacle. This will make the use of the receptacle safe to be around water. If water gets into a receptacle that is not GFCI specified, that could pose a threat to the home as a spark could happen and a fire could start.

If you find you are having some issues after installation of appliances or new installs to the home, give us a call at the office and we can come and investigate what could be causing the issue.

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