Cambridge Fuse Panel Repair – Client Stories


Do you have an older style panel that you are looking to get upgraded? We have dealt with fuse panels for many years and have given countless clients an upgrade to the safer option of a breaker panel. Home-Pro Electric will come out to your home to assess the condition of your panel and provide a quote.

We had a call come into the office where a client needed a quote to update his fuse panel to a breaker panel at his home in Cambridge. This is essential to do as fuse panels are originally from the 1970s and can begin to deteriorate over time and become a fire hazard.

What Are Fuse Panels

Fuse panels are an older style panel. They have glass fuses that must be replaced when there is a short or it has been “tripped”. In a breaker panel, when a breaker is tripped, it goes to the middle position between on and off and needs to be reset. For fuse panels, this glass fuse needs to be replaced. What does it mean when something trips in a breaker panel or a fuse panel? I am glad you asked. There is a little metal tab on the inside of the fuses that will break when too much power is drawn.  They are made of glass so you can see if that metal tab has broken. The fuses screw into place like a light bulb. When the fuse is screwed into place, it completes the circuit. When seeing a fuse panel, the fuses all have the same shape but can have different amperages. If you need to replace a fuse, please be careful in putting the correct amperage as to what is needed. A 15amp fuse compared to a 30amp fuse has no difference in shape or size but can cause a fire if it does not match with the panel.

When we arrived on site, the client had accidentally dropped the fuse casing between the walls, leaving a circuit without power. Unfortunately, that circuit controlled the fridge so it was an urgent matter to assess the situation and provide a solution to bring power back to that fridge. Everything was agreed upon with pricing and our electrician fixed the problem with the material that was on our Warehouse on Wheels truck. Home-Pro Electric recommended a panel upgrade according to the condition of the clients Fuse panel.

If you would like an upgrade for your fuse panel or need higher amperage for your panel, give our office a call at 888-958-5978.

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