Smoke Detector Repair or Replacement

Waterloo Client Stories

Have your smoke detectors begun to beep recently and you are not sure why? We can help by sending one of our electricians to your home to diagnose the situation.

One of our electricians visited a home in Waterloo for smoke detector installation. The client called in requesting the replacement of two smoke detectors with new ones they had purchased. These two old smoke detectors were the originals from when the home was built in 2003. This poses a significant fire risk as they are outdated and can cause significant fire damage. Their batteries need to be updated every 10 years, as well as checked yearly that everything is in working order. The previous owners of the home had a company replace a single smoke detector on the top floor which will not expire until 2029. Unfortunately, they did not replace the remaining others.

We were able to install them with our tools and materials ready from our truck, which we like to call our Warehouse on Wheels. This truck carries thousands of parts ready to do these types of jobs the same day as the visit! When we install customer supplied smoke detectors, anything that goes wrong with the smoke detectors will not be covered by our warranty. Our smoke detectors come with a one-year warranty.

When work is booked or completed at a client’s home, we can offer a 12-point safety inspection. This client received a complimentary safety inspection. Our electrician instructed the client to fix one minor issue he found. We want to keep our clients safe and bring awareness of any safety concern. Due to our Warehouse on wheels, we can fix most issues on the same day without waiting for parts.

If you have smoke detectors that beep occasionally, that are outdated or have caused you problems due to being defective, please give our office a call to book an appointment with one of our electricians to come to your home!

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