Smoking Outlet Repair


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Do you smell something burning that is not from the stove, microwave, or outdoors? It could be an outlet or the panel that is causing the issue and this is a serious issue. If you smell something fishy or something that is burning, you need to call an electrician right away. There could be an issue with your panel or an outlet that could be a fire hazard.

A client gave us a call about an outlet that had smoked after a power surge at her home in Waterloo. The electrical fireplace was plugged in in that moment and a sound happened. Right after that noise, the outlet began to smoke. The client went down and reset the breaker to find that the issue came from the outlet that the fireplace was plugged in. It had multiple items plugged into one outlet in the living room. Our electrician stayed on site to fix the outlet that had burnt and completed the work for her. The client also mentioned that there were other items to look at and possibly replace. She went ahead with the additional work our electrician quoted on and we also provided a safety inspection for her. During the complimentary inspection, our electrician found that everything looked to be in good condition. There were some items in the home that were hooked up to extension cords that could pose a safety concern but the client did not want to go ahead with the work at this time. She was happy with the work completed that same day as the appointment and said that she found us through the reviews that are left online by satisfied customers. She was thankful we could get her home safe and up to code.

When an outlet smells burning or like a fishy smell, there could be a fire risk as that smell could be the an issue at the panel or the wiring overheating. The wiring in your home is coated in a heat resistant chemical and plastic coating for insulation. When there is heat and a malfunction of the outlet, the chemicals and plastic heating up give off a fishy smell. Sometimes it takes some time to locate where that issue is inside the wall but the sooner you get to the issue, the sooner things will be made safe for you and your home.

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